2002-05-11 17:59:09 ET

Oh! Thanks to one of the links SiS recomended me right now I'm watching some excellent pictures that will make me pleaserd to draw them!!!
The bad thing is that their too many and I want them all! I suppose I'll have to be to patient. Mmh...

2002-05-11 18:09:11 ET

awww, good, glad you're enjoying it!

2002-05-11 18:11:27 ET

Thanks!, So many Thanks!!!! You're my goddess!

2002-05-11 18:14:05 ET

ohhhh, you're to kind.

2002-05-12 19:00:01 ET

Depending on what kind you get and where you get it.
There's this one place in Atlanta that serves their California rolls (crab meat, cucumber, and rice with sesame seads) with WAY too much cucumber, so I don't really like theres, but if you get a good kind it's SUPER yummy.

2002-05-13 01:39:48 ET

Yeah, but only socially. I'm socially dominant over others. Basically, when I'm with my friends and other people, I'm the omega. But... sexually is a COMPLETELY different story altogether!

2002-05-13 01:41:39 ET

Or iz that alpha?.... whatever.

2002-05-13 13:28:28 ET

ack damn typos

Why do I always catch them the next day? heh

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