I like some mysteries.
2002-11-07 11:26:35 ET

Iíve been downloading a few songs of black metal from IRC, itís hard to find from soundtracks though, but from else where can I find them? Iíll keep seeking around anyway.

Now, so far Iíve seen 5 episodes (ďlayersĒ) of Serial Experiments Lain and Iím just fucking amazed! There are 13 episodes in total, but with only these 5 seen, I can say it is one really great series! Just episodes 2 and 5 are to me the weirdest ever; I had never seen something like this, theyíre awesome! Theyíre so very, very well plotted and really interesting. Some people have even considered to compared them to the movie Matrix, but hell no, Iím from the very few people that didnít idolized that movie, I mean, it has nice fx and such but itís too precipitated and too much action on it for me, so Iím sorry if many people here like that movie but for me it wasnít that good, itís nice, but not that much for me. By the contrary, Serial Experiments Lain is fucking awesome! Itís really more complicated, and it has a lot of suspense, so much that you can barely notice the background music. This is not apt for someone who likes of action/crazy/fast sequences, this one is for someone who like drama, philosophy, mysteryÖ itís more for thinking. I need still to keep watching them to what happens next! Itís really exiting!

On another subject, I was just thinkingÖ and I havenít found many women that like modern physics (subatomic/theorical/astrological) or advanced math. Maybe Marie Curie was the last one , who knows. Because from the modern geeks, the geek-ish women are more into computers and communications, from the few people that still like this sort of science seem to be all male. Well, it was just an observation, quite strange though.

2002-11-08 09:47:52 ET

Geeky, science-y girls rock my world. :]

2002-11-08 19:13:08 ET

i like thinking about non technological things. like philosophy and not computers.

2002-11-09 19:05:11 ET

ThermoX: Thumbs up!
Pokey1445: Cool, I'm not very good at computer either, and I love philosophy!

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