2002-11-09 18:37:02 ET

Man, yesterday I went to another performance of the local orchestra and there was a violin solo by a woman named Nonna Alakhverdova; itís kind of interesting that man y integrants of the group seem to be Russians: Anyway. She performed some violin solos that got me astonished; it really maintained me with my mouth open for a little while :o so Iím now trying to find the melodies she played at least to hear them because they kick so much ass. This also reminds me that BloodyKisses told me about this album that is a String Quartet tribute to Nine Inch Nails, that is, some songs of them played in a string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello); since the album was very new, she passed me tw tracks and I laiked them a lot, I thank her for it so much.

Today I went to my violin classes and it was nice. Again our kind teacher Susy was nice and helped us very well. Back home I started drawing a few sketches ...just to keep practicing the drawing thing because Iím fucking lame at doing certain figures that get me really frustrated sometimes. Right now Iím listening to Therion Ė A Summer Night City, itís a really nice song. Iíll probably also download some albums from Tristania, Therion and some other doom/black symphonic metal by IRC searching (I didnít know how to do it very well until Olorin told me, I thank him), that because I had said some time ago that I had been losing some influence of metal (due to I was very exited with the violin thing) so Iím searching and listening some songs again; on the hardcore-ish thing, VenusAngel talked about some group and I downloaded the track and also liked it a lot, as well as other heavy bands I heard a bit. So, in the mean time Iíll be searching for the violin solos I mentioned above, Iíll also be open for suggestions of metal music if anyone knows of something I might like. Mmh... also, just for fun in the morning I was taking an IQ test, which left me thinking of certain things, but right now, my hands hurt! I donít know why, my wrists are feeling very weird! Itís like if I had been frozen and all but my wrists are ok, it feels obnoxious, ahrr, it doesnít feel nice.

2002-11-09 18:40:28 ET

mmmmm @ Therion
especially the song Deggial.

2002-11-09 20:15:28 ET

:) I am pleased you liked it... but I thought you would anyway.

2002-11-09 20:39:24 ET

The Deggial song is nice, the Deggial album is ok too, I think specially for the last track, very well known for many.
Yeh, thanks again anyway BloodyKisses.

2002-11-09 21:29:51 ET

ruah mashkhim rosaran... :)) (invocation of naamah)

nayway about the russian immigrant thing, they used to have musical schools there, where except normal lessons you would have hours of music teaching, all classical, but its still a great basis for making virtouise players. I've got a few friends who went to such schools in russia, and they are incredible musicians.

anyway, try to download psychotic waltz, album called moskito is my fave but the others are quite good too.

2002-11-12 19:32:58 ET

*takes notes on new to me music*

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