2002-11-12 11:15:44 ET

2002-11-12 11:17:10 ET

I wanted to have that image as avatar picture but Sykospark said I couldn't.

2002-11-12 11:17:52 ET

that is beautiful.

2002-11-12 11:52:28 ET

isn't that that lil shit from mario!?

2002-11-12 12:04:15 ET

tee hee

I like it. why couldn't you have it as your avatar?

2002-11-12 15:36:18 ET


2002-11-12 16:15:09 ET

I love it, cute!

2002-11-12 20:25:25 ET

just draw one up in paintbrush lol...yes...I have no idea why...but I have the sudden urge to just poke that little skeleton gnome hehee!

2002-11-12 20:30:43 ET

cerebrate: Heh, I wish I looked a bit like it.
SuicideKisses: Yup, it's me: a ShyGuy.
FallenAngel: Because of the TOS, I even asked Syko if I could draw it and then put it, but she said it was still not original work. Maybe if I do something similar it might be allowed.
BloodyKisses: :)
ApatheticAngel: That's a great definition of cuteness the way I see things.
Jeepjulie: why poke it? it's not a gnome.

2002-11-12 20:34:16 ET

I have no idea why I would poke...its the same draw that brings me to want to burgle the big boy

2002-11-13 08:24:47 ET

actually that's not true. even if it looks the same its still your work. if you took a picture that you didn't do then THAT'S not original. but if you re-draw it and post it then its your work. the law is a funny thing

2002-11-13 09:08:04 ET

I tried to explain that to Syko, but she still said no; that it can be allowed only if I draw a character similar to this one, but not if I draw the same character. I'll see if later I may come up with something.

2002-11-13 09:10:20 ET

draw something similar to this and jack (for nightmare before christmas but in your own version of a mixture of both... that's just my opinion...

2002-11-13 09:12:11 ET

just draw really big shoes on it.

2002-11-13 09:28:55 ET

Fallen: Yes, I'll try.
cerebrate: Hahahah, yup, that's surely something I was thinking, really!

2002-11-13 09:35:12 ET


2002-11-13 09:44:03 ET

that guy would look so awesome with little over sized feet!
you could even make the mask a little bigger too, or make the holes bigger where his mouth and eyes are.

I loved those guys in mario. by far they were one of my absolute favorites.

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