2002-11-21 10:49:08 ET

Yeh, I hadnít been online for a while, well, letís see. Last Sunday I had the violin thingy, and also was my younger brotherís birthday, so my father give him a kitty. Itís a female, sheís very young, barely a month old I think. I told him to name her Selina Kyle (like catwoman heheh) but he didnít want to, so he named her ďNagaĒ, who knows where the fuck did he get that nameÖ

Anyway, later, an old friend from high school came to ask me if I could draw him some comic strips for work or something; he gave me some photos of some dudes that he wanted me to draw, so this week Iíve been going back to my old style of drawing comic strips, itís kind of amusing but I canít detail them that much because I need to finish it by Saturday or Sunday, and Iím very slow, I think itíll be in total like 5 or 4 pages and Iím almost done with the 3rd. After this Iíll coma back to the detailed drawing I do now days, and maybe try to paint something.

2002-11-21 17:25:54 ET

good luck

2002-11-23 17:07:33 ET

i was gonna say good luck but now i will say i wish you the best :)

2002-11-23 17:43:40 ET

Heh, thanks to both pretty ladies!.

2002-11-23 17:45:35 ET

your very welcome to the cute man

2002-11-23 19:20:43 ET


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