Why Am I so bad at it?
2002-05-20 19:15:35 ET

I was trying to draw something by myself hours ago, and I noticed that I cannot draw as well without a patron or model as well I with it. I mean, trying to draw faces by memory (without a foto or model) I suck ass, I just can't unless it's a cartoon or something like it.

One other thing that is too dificult for me, and yet many professional artists have said that is the most dificult human body part to draw, is the hands.
Hands, express so many things as well as eyes, but hands are more dificult to draw. The bad thing I that I can't be drawing and watching my own hands at the same time. I wish someone could pose for me or having a fake (or real) hand there to watch it whenever I want.

I also noticed that I can draw some human figures in specific angles... just the ones I've already drawn at least once.

Mmm.. ok, gotta go now.

2002-05-20 20:06:31 ET

I LoVE Your drawings, I just saw them.

2002-05-21 14:46:06 ET

nice work friend. i like your works. I honestly dont see much wrong with them either.

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