Heads or tails? Who wants to live?
2002-12-19 20:49:59 ET

Well, a few hours ago, I got back from a presentation thing... again the people from the Art Institute wanted us to play 3 melodies, so it was in an elementary school, you know, for those xmass thingys and parents and kids and blah... Well, at first it was the little children doing their debuts, then it was us, the new little chamber orchestra of middle students, later it was the real musicians play, where my teacher Susy is in, and finally they gathered both groups, us the students ones with the advanced/teachers ones. At first when we were only the students I felt a bit odd because some girl ran and took my place where I was normally been sitting on and put me besides another kid that didnít play very well either, but at the end, when both groups gathered I got to sit just next to my gothie teacher who plays just wonderful, yup, that felt nice, weíre both 2nd Violins, so I felt good having someone near me that actually plays very well, so I felt motivated and also did my best to try to play good too. So it seems that on Saturday weíll be playing again in a mall, so more people (other than kids parents) will be showing there.

Well, I think this thing today did felt somehow good, apart from the last entry, that I kind of still like shit, so uhm, if anyone is interested in shoot me, slap me, damage me, kill me or whatever, here I am. I havenít heard really many songs from Siouxsie, Iíve heard some few, some Iíve liked some not much, but right now Iím listening ďLullabyĒ which is a really nice song in which kind of uses some violin-alike sounds at the end. Well, so Iím like a piece of shit now, and will have more free time to keep on my oils painting, if it turns well, Iíll have it finished in 2 weeks at most, and post it here.

2002-12-19 20:55:08 ET

ooo.. violin.. lovely insturment. I want to learn how to play...

and no, no damaging you. <3 you're too cool.

2002-12-19 21:03:27 ET

I just started studying violin about 8 or 9 months ago I think, almost a week before entering subkultures.net. I do now understand some bdsm and bondage people now... I do need someone to smack me or hit me to feel alive.

2002-12-19 21:04:38 ET

hmmm.. maybe. but no killing or maiming, or injuring of the hands.

2002-12-20 03:54:37 ET

I miss you!:C

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