2003-01-07 19:40:42 ET


Well many people would easily come up with many things when someone asks what would you with a one hundred thousand or million dollars? or whatever amount of money that for many of us is too much money. Well, I know many people would just spend it with material things, travels, inversions and such, but just right now, since a couple of years ago, -I admit Id also spend it in material stuff, like CDs, etc., but- I mostly was thinking in spending it to study to become:
  • A Painter.
  • A Philosopher.
  • A Sculptor.
  • A Violinist.
  • A Theoretical Physician.
  • An Astronaut.
  • A Music Composer.

    So yes, I think Id take classes of all that if I could, because all of it seems to take much effort studying.

  • 2003-01-07 19:56:54 ET

    i'd buy cds and a house, maybe a car. from there...i'm not sure. food.

    maybe try to set up a business.

    i'm not too sure on giving back because...well, maybe i'm greedy. i'm not sure. but i wouldn't just drop it all. a small home, a decent stereo, a car that goes and is fairly new, and muchos discos compactos. y comida.

    then, it'd just sit there until a thought struck me.

    2003-01-08 07:34:50 ET

    I'd buy myself a car, drive up to New York, find a huge empty building, and make it into a bar.

    and hopefully I could make the money spread out and be of good use (like getting food and a place to stay) while I tried to get going on my acting/singing career.

    2003-01-09 09:47:40 ET

    Uhm, this entry was more about like of what would one Become not in which to spend it, but yeh, whatever...

    2003-01-09 10:58:51 ET

    with that much money people would become greedy, selfish people that have no respect for anyone but themselves. money changes everything.

    2003-01-09 11:54:18 ET

    well, if you read into it, you'll see i won't really change much.

    i never said, oh, i'd make the world at least a little better, but i also didn't say i'd change. apparently, i am lying to myself and saying the money wouldnn't change me.

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