2003-01-13 20:07:49 ET

I forgot to say that a few days before the holidays I finally finished watching “Serial Experiments Lain” and I must say that I loved it! It’s awesome! If you haven’t seen it go see it now, now! The only thing that bugs me is how many people is comparing it with the movie “Matrix” which to my opinion is a lame movie in the plot sense, it may have pretty visual effects and such, but if you want to compare it with Serial Experiments Lain, then, Matrix is really piece of Hollywoodish waste of shit! Yes, if you’re one of those rivetheads or not who adore that movie, let me tell you that it is not that good, by the contrary Lain is awesome, it has a really intelligent and clever plot, very well directed, interesting mental suspense on it, and foremost, enjoyable.

I only say this because I’ve seen that there are many people who think that Matrix is a huge awe and dare to compare it with Serial Experiments Lain, so that if you want to compare it, my choice is definitely Lain, if not, just thing of Matrix as another movie about something else, and enjoy better Lain.

2003-01-13 21:49:27 ET

Lain is good...

2003-01-15 21:08:49 ET

Yes, it is.

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