2003-01-28 20:24:36 ET

Ugh... last day I took a nap and when I woke up O felt like so fucking pissed of sad, I couldn’t tell for sure until I started watching everything was around me... I turned on the tv and there is was this pissing show of Dawson’s creek and immediately turned it off, then there was this fucking ass shit music on the radio, then some notes on the newspaper about more hollywoodish people and pop singers and shit. I went out and everywhere around I saw a bunch of cocky ass shit prep and snobbish kids, and on the news on tv more and more shit, and a bunch of assholes giving their opinions like if they were super gods or something... fuck, I felt so fucking wanting to die! It’s horrible how there is so much shit to be pissed off arghh... bleh, I felt like just puking for seeing thing around me, which made me feel so damn alone and fucked up.

2003-01-28 21:25:35 ET

welcome to my world. are you sure you didn't wake up in israHELL?

2003-01-29 10:30:28 ET

i know how that goes... it sucks... feel better soon!

2003-01-29 17:01:26 ET

That is how my day goes all the time. It gets old fast. I try to spend my time alone and if I'm not alone then I want my time with someone very dark at soul.

2003-01-30 08:28:43 ET

damn. and here I thought it was the moon. I'm in the same mood this week.

2003-01-30 18:11:03 ET

Olorin: Shitty world, but no, I didn't woke up there, mayb it would be interesting woke up there at least to be somewhere else.
acidsoul: Thanks.
BloodyKisses: Heh, I also try to do the same thing, but there aren't many dark souls around these places, here's full of preppy kids and snobish assholes, so it's hard to feel comfortable, I guess... apathy is my best option.
Skymosh: Heh, I didn't know the moon had such powers... well, if it's a mood it'll go away eventually.

2003-01-31 13:01:38 ET

Well I hope you find solace somewhere...

2003-01-31 15:16:51 ET

oh! love the feather you designed for samita. it's beautiful!

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