New painting.
2003-01-31 20:34:20 ET

Well, well... it had been quite a while since I didn't updated my gallery; ok then, like I had said before, I was painting something and but hadn't finished yet until about 2 weeks ago... I just forgot to scan it and put it here in my gallery, actually this one wasn't scanned but taken a pgoto with digicam. Anyway, go see it, I called it:
The Night.

To say truth, it didn't come up very well like I expected, but damn, I'm not very used to painting yet; so for now I'll be concentrating in another drawing like the regular others (letter size with ink pen, black and white), and with this one I've been scaning it while I continue drawing it, and so far I have this, then I can someday in future make like a collage of how it evolved... we'll see how it gets at the end.

2003-01-31 20:39:56 ET

I like your painting!

2003-01-31 20:43:44 ET

Why, thank you so much! I will draw you some day, heh.

2003-01-31 21:40:16 ET

The painting is good, especially since you say you just started, and I like the ink as well. Lovely work as always malk, though I might be biased since I have a piece of it on my skin. ;-)

2003-02-01 19:45:45 ET

i love how you can shadow things so well i alway s mess it up when i try or do too much, especially on the face. i really admire your talent.

2003-02-02 13:13:45 ET

my painting abilities are stop being so humble! yeah! lol

2003-02-09 18:16:27 ET

samita: Thanks, and it feel nice saying that you have a piece of my artwork on your skin... heh, cool, I'd also like to be a tattoo artist.
pokey1445: Lately I think shadowing it's been the easy part, the hard thing is getting the right shapes and figures.
Jeepjulie: Heh, don't worry if you think you don't paint so well, cuz... nowdays you may just shit on a canvass and tell it's 'modern art' or such....

2003-02-10 18:51:49 ET

this is true, I enjoy painting, but more along the lines of expressionism. My drawings are more realistic...I have found that jewlary may be my calling

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