Week's summary.
2003-02-09 18:11:17 ET

It had been long since I didn’t update this thing. Ok, well, last Tuesday it was the birthday of the director of the orchestra we’re playing and doing rehearsals, he turned 40, and it was kind of funny how we agreed to play the ‘happy birthday’ melody when he was about to direct us for playing, and so it happened, he said: “ok, lets start with Rondo of H. Purcell, and 1, 2...” and we instead of playing it we start playing the happy birthday melody and he got all surprised and one of the girls brought a cake with candles, he turned them off blowing and such... it was fun; then we finally started playing like the usual and everything went normal.

Then Wednesday was kind of shitty because I thought that we were having rehearsal again but we didn’t so I ended up going there anyway and played for about an hour by myself; then going back home, it was dark and I didn’t see very well so I mistook the bus and take another one that was leaving me in another way, so I got off of it, walked some streets and took the correct one.

Thursday and Friday we did have rehearsals so it went well, besides on Friday I went to a store to buy the for strings for violin where my teacher Susy told me to go, because the strings I normally was using and buying were a very simple ones of about 2 or 3 bucks, and these ones my teacher told me were really professional strings in which I spent in total like $60, they were imported from Germany, and she was right, the sound of the strings sound so much better and they even feel nice while playing, so, it was worth buying them. That day was also my grandfather’s birthday and my mom gave him a bottle of wine as a present.

Saturday and Sunday (today) we also had rehearsals and I have to say that I do am feeling more comfortable with these new strings, now it’s only my duty to practice more to play better. Today was also my cousin’s birthday... mmh, too much birthdays this week! Well, I don’t know what more to say, so I better shut up.

2003-02-10 15:48:38 ET

Yeah.. lots of birthdays, lots of cake to eat. Oh well. You've been practicing a lot, yes? Good. You ought to record some and let me hear it on here.

2003-02-11 06:39:26 ET

I didn't eat much cake though. Yeh, I've been practicing; one of the melodies I like more is Bohm - Sarabande, it's kind of a not so popular melody, so I can't seem to find the mp3 to download, I only can seem to listen it by streaming it... fuck, how can I download it?... anyways... well, if I can find a mic to record I would record it so you could listen, heh. //...later note: Ha, I managed myself to download it from there.

2003-02-14 19:43:42 ET

happy valentines day

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