Things to do, music to hear.
2002-05-29 19:06:47 ET

Things are being so... I don't know howw to describe it. Sometimes I don't even want to move a finger, some other times I need to be doing something so I don't have to be thinking in such subjects that no one thinks the same way I do.

I frined lend me 3 albums of Cocteau Twins, I've just heard "Garlands" and it's awesome. But then I also have burned a Cd of many songs of Deadsy, mostly from their first debut, and also hearing of "If_then_else" of The Gathering, oh, all of them are great, so having all these albums to listen to significates I won't have much time to keep listening to heavy stuff such as black metal or heavy metal.

I also have finished my very first painting at oils. I felt very weird. I had never tried before, I even had had too much time by not using any colors, and now... at oils!, weird huh? I'll just wait 'til ot dries off so I can scan it and post it here. Meanwhile, I'll continue drawing a nice photo of a goth girl in a cemetery.

I'm also anxious to be on saturday so a I can have my violin lessons again. They're somehow fun but quite difucult too.

2002-05-29 21:22:52 ET

Haha... "If_then_else" -- Even I'm not that programmer-1337. Electronica and conditional statements... how artsy.

2002-05-30 04:54:32 ET

oOo i cannot wait to see it

2002-05-30 05:29:50 ET

i can't wait to see your painting!!!!

2002-05-30 06:04:00 ET

Wait one or two days, I'll sure post it here so you can see it, ok?

2002-05-30 10:40:15 ET


2002-05-31 05:04:52 ET


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