So this is a... BLAH....
2003-03-01 18:22:39 ET

Fuck, again, I have been without internet some while, this time, because my computer had been some troubleshooting and couldn't recognize the modem... and just right now I'm connected by an external 14.4 Kb modem!!!!!!! AAAhhhh!! it's soooooo slow, damn! well, I don't have much to say by the moment.

2003-03-02 18:22:17 ET

aww, i'm sorry.

2003-03-04 06:24:01 ET

Beh, it sucks, I only can get to run internet with cable speed when I'm at school.

2003-03-04 08:31:15 ET

I don't think my school has cable modem but I do at my house. (right now i'm at school because i've finished all my work, i'm on here.)

2003-03-05 09:32:38 ET

I have crapy dial up, it takes for ever for pages to download then when it gets close i get booted off. go figure. I thought i would say hi, i havent been on in a while.

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