Vivaldi's Birthday.
2003-03-04 06:32:11 ET

Heh, Today March 4 is Antonio Vivaldi's Birthday, Baroque composer! Let's celebrate a party or something.

Well, anyway, like said on previous entry, my computer's been fucking shitty with internet, yet I finished downloading the new album of Opera IX, it's called "Maleventum", this one is way diferent that the previous other one ("The Black Opera") because the female vocalist left the band, so now with a male vocalist they sound more like any other black metal band; it's a nice album, but the previous one was way much better.

Oh, I haven't had many chance to draw again, but I think I will continue drawing this night, ...this drawing I'm going to put a lot of effort too, like the cemetery one I did, just this one is made up all by my imagination. I'll scan an advance of it when I get back home.

2003-03-15 06:58:29 ET


2003-03-15 22:44:02 ET

You gorgeous madame!

2003-03-16 07:45:51 ET

lol Silly Boy

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