2002-06-01 21:03:19 ET

What to say? what to hear? what to draw? what to write? what to think? what to believe? what to do?

Ok, I finally updated both galleries here. I added some more goth ladies draws and my last work, a painting... at oils, pretty incredible, huh?

Well, I'm listening some classical music right now, which reminds me... my violin teacher dyied her hair, it looks pretty cool, like fire, it has yellow and orange mixed very cool. Oh well, today I didn't became so paranoic like other days... I got bored and I just went to slepp. I'll let the depression philosophies for other ocassions. Bye.

2002-06-01 21:06:16 ET

You can draw me if you get bored enough :)...

2002-06-01 21:08:04 ET

I'll sure do it when I have time. I promise.

2002-06-01 21:12:39 ET

Cool. Make sure you show me the picture:) You are very talented.

2002-06-01 21:32:00 ET


2002-06-01 21:59:57 ET

Hehe... you know it too don't you?

2002-06-01 22:06:08 ET

Know what?

2002-06-01 22:35:09 ET

If you meant that I think I'm talented I don't.
I suck ass compared with others I've seen, besides I'm never going to say that I'm talented, I feel like egotistical or something, and I really think I don't have enough practice at it as I will. If someone think I'm good I'd be glad and take it, maybe, as a compliment, but I refuse to say that I'm good.

2002-06-02 09:32:17 ET

Yeah, I know what you mean... understandable too. Well heh, you're a lot better than me... by far!

2002-06-03 05:01:39 ET

I love your painting!

2002-06-03 09:05:03 ET

Thanks! ;]

2002-06-04 04:37:04 ET

i LOVE them there wonderful, can't wait for more...

2002-06-04 18:03:03 ET

yes, I love how you draw women...very good because there is some kind of...well closeness, now I am sounding crazy...hehe...but I seem to talk crazy when its about art...the girls portraits are personal...even if you do not know the girl...they have a very intimate feeling to them...maybe I just favor pictures of people...because that what I usually enjoy drawing...I might put some on my site...

2002-06-05 01:05:03 ET

Bless you for drawing Talena... I thank you!

2002-06-05 07:07:51 ET

Talena rules!

2002-06-05 14:54:21 ET

yeah but uh, I thought she got out of the band now.

2002-06-05 17:52:02 ET

Talena and Fallen left...

2002-06-06 10:36:33 ET

yeah it kinda sux :( they were the pretty ones....

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