Why can't I use words...
2003-03-26 20:26:58 ET

About a week ago I saw the moon shinning so fucking beautiful. I even wanted to write a poem, many verses in deed came to my mind, but I couldn’t write them down, besides that every time I want to write down things like these I forget them all… bad concentration, whatever, it seems I’m not good with words… oh, what a metaphor that is…

Shit, well, I just quickly wanted to say this before I forget it, huh, and that I will write something later, though I’m not good at poetry and words, the moon looked so beautiful then that I’ll wait another inspiring moment to do something, whatever it comes to my mind.

2003-03-27 00:12:18 ET

I have the same problem. I can never hold on to the words for long enough. I do it dropping off to sleep too a lot, that's really frustrating!

2003-03-28 02:50:48 ET

i find my self loss for words all the time, then i have days where i cant stop writting.. i always thought about writting a book or something but never know where to start....

2003-03-30 13:37:00 ET

some people just can't write at times. I've found that if I just write what's in my head, no matter how it looks afterwords, it helps to get things out.

every thing we write down looks like rubbish to somebody else.

2003-03-31 18:14:15 ET

Tash: Sleeping a lot! I think that's my other problem too!
darksecret: I've thought of writing a book so many times too, and, alas, have the same problem, I just don't know where to start.
AngryLove: yeah, but still, when I have the very porpouse of writing to get thingd out is when I'm blank, when is about doing a work I can easly write a lot of crap.

2003-04-01 07:36:26 ET

you just have so many thoughts running through your head at that moment that you can't get them down on paper at once. everything runs together. try thinking about one thing when this comes upon you again.

(this is what I think. I may not be right)

2003-04-09 07:51:55 ET

When I am feeling emotions from either a situation or object, and I get a million thoughts about the subject...I try and write down the random thoughts on it, and then form a poem later. I have found that when you write down even the most random thoughts, it can lead to an even greater emotional poem. I find myself in the summer time gazing up at the moon and stars and finding them awe inspiring. By the way, great new picture. The personality that I see from that picture, reminds me of someone else I used to know...I recall yelling out the window of my dorm "hot sex!" and this individual getting scared and hiding behind a concrete wall.....you shy shy man

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