Dark strings.
2003-04-02 10:21:09 ET

In case I hadn't said it before, just READ:

Virtuoso or Devil?

Such a great influence! I want to be just like that!

2003-04-05 13:08:28 ET


(oh and nice new picture)

2003-04-05 20:40:35 ET

Paganini would made such of a perfect Vampire (more than the devil whom he was compared), trully a Toreador Vampire.

Uhm, new picture, of meh... it's uhm, just meh... so what's nice about it..?

2003-04-06 18:08:12 ET


i like it. I can't understand why you don't have a girlfriend.

2003-04-06 19:41:08 ET

-Not attractive.
-Not funny enough for making girls laugh.
-The more I like the more I'm afraid of.

2003-04-06 20:27:12 ET


I like the new pic too. And Paganini's music is wonderful.

2003-04-06 20:31:11 ET


2003-04-07 10:12:42 ET

yes, you are attractive, I don't know what makes you think you're not.

2003-04-08 21:48:42 ET

devil? maybe. genious? CERTAINLY :)

2003-04-10 06:07:02 ET

There's devilish Geniuos!

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