It's Ice Cream seasons!
2003-04-08 20:15:43 ET

Today (April 8) was Susyís Birthday, my violin teacher. We (people from the orchestra Iím in) had a rehearsal and we were all congratulating her for her birthday, they even played the happy birthday theme for a while, then we kept practicing the repertoire; in pauses we had I showed her the 24 caprices I downloaded and printed, one of the most difficult pieces for violin, she was excited and asked me if she could borrow me the score, I told her that it was ok if she took it because I already have it in the computer and that she may took it as a birthday present from me to her, so I gave it to her, hehÖ I guess she liked my improvised birthday present.

Then, another nice girl (whom I had written about too before), Kathy, also asked if I could get her a copy of it and that if I could search for some score of concerto grosso from Vivaldi that she liked from a CD she listened, I said I would do what I could Ėthough Iíve been seeking a lot and canít seem to find it- anyway she gave me her phone number in case I find it (I can see her again at the next rehearsal though); so Iíll just keep seeking a bit more and see what can I do.

2003-04-08 20:38:30 ET

What orchestra are you in, and what is your repertoire?

2003-04-09 10:00:36 ET

Well, it's an orchestra of the art institute I started taking classes. I'm second violin.
About 2 months ago we had a reall big orchestras festival, and we had classical pieces for the repertoire back that day. But this month we will be playing nursery rhymes and Disney themes for something about the kids' day on april 30; so this new repertoire doesn't reall have a great dificulty, thus I either practice some baroque pieces by my own too.

2003-04-09 10:58:00 ET

Ah, I see. That is really cool. I always wanted to play in an orchestra. I've heard and seen many of the best in the country. I was just sort of taken by the picture of the orchestra. Just looking at the size and number of players, I can just imagine how wonderful you sound.

2003-04-10 06:02:30 ET

Yeh, well in that picture there were like 7 orchestras altogether to form 250 persons, but the one I'm in is currently about 40, it's still big thoug, it used to be about 20 or 30 before.

2003-04-10 11:48:42 ET

Gah! 7 orchestras. Must be chaos in rehearsal.

2003-04-10 19:29:15 ET

Real chaos... was more like doom!

2003-04-10 19:34:40 ET

Hahahaha, I love big crowds, however there are always exceptions.. like: annoying 15 year old musicians that think they are "way better" on their instrument than you. Ick. I bet the maturity level, even in an orchestra can be bad.

2003-04-10 20:06:14 ET

I do understand. There was people from kids of 7 or 8 years old to 20 something years old, and about 4 or 5 over 40 playing too.

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