Little faces
2002-06-05 19:09:03 ET

At midday I got pissed off because I wanted to recharge two rechargeable batteries but I bought the wrong accessories, fuck! And when Iím angry Iím not aggressive as I used to be, Iím more apathetic about things.

Then, I took the bus and the angry mood became a sad one, you know, due to thinking how clumsy I am about putting attention to something, and there, in the bus, I saw this very pretty baby girl whom stared at me for a few seconds, and how I live babies. This one was very strange from others Iíve seen. This one didnít seem truly happy and smiley like the most, but it didnít look sad either. This one looked like wanderer baby. Pretty strange, huh? Even though she did smile sometimes, she just looked like wandering something, she didnít have a point clear to look at, she looked very thoughtful, and I guess that was what made me feel wanderer too.

I love babies; I donít know why since I was kid I liked babies, oh tidy smiling angels. Some dudes have told me that Iím strange because of that, because it has been more natural for a girl to have a maternal feeling to babies, but me, as a man, I donít exactly feel a paternal feeling for babies, itís just that I like them very much. That and so was what I was thinking this day, which made me think in many other things, yes, I digress too much sometimes, so I started thinking how fucked up I am, how I think a have no real friends, though the ones I really care I try to be friendly but sometimes it results that Iím more un-friend-able. For now Iíll just keep wondering if Iíll ever get a warm hug when I need it.

2002-07-05 19:18:55 ET

Heh, well I honestly don't like kids or babies. Anyway I don't think I have any real friends myself. Well I don't think I ever get any warm hugs when I need it. Hell I hardly ever get a fucking hug.

2002-07-05 19:35:30 ET


2002-07-05 19:43:21 ET

Ergh.... if only it was real........

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