Slow hands.
2003-04-14 20:20:24 ET

I just saw Robocop on the TV, it kicked ass, itís a great movie for their time and I think it still is even better than many so-called sci-fi movies from now days; of course I talking about the first movie, the other two arenít as good as this one, besides one thing that took my attention was the background music, the Robocop theme, because it sounds very well orchestrated in spite that many sci-fi or futuristic movies seem to have like techno-like soundtracks, but this Robocop uses quite noticeable orchestrations.

Oh well, a note to self: My room is a real fucking mess! Shit, itís all messed up, I do need now to get all in order or Iíll start loosing stuff all around.

One thing else that I need to whine about is that Iím such a fucking lazy ass or Iím just way too slow at drawing, cuz I started a drawing since December and I canít seem to finish it, I spent about an hour to add the shades of an area of about only two in≤. Mmh.. I donít know if this really is going to a bee great drawing or not, but I do am getting bored of it because I already finished all the figures, now itís only about shading, I think I once showed a preview of how it was going, but Iím not so sure that it will end as good as I thought, specially because as I said Iím kind of getting bored and wanted to draw new stuff of Iíll lose practice drawing figures.

2003-04-14 20:25:39 ET

I like it so far.. just relax and let it happen. And if it's not, tuck it away for now, and work on other things. It will surface later on, get you all excited, and you'll finish it!
That's what I keep telling myself with my writing, oh yea. Say it enough, and you believe it. But serious, stressing won't help at all.

Mmmmm... sooo tipsy feeling. Just medication for a cold, I swear it.
Oh, and I like the new pic of you with your violin, very cute. Can I take you home? *flirt*

2003-04-14 20:30:21 ET

the last robocop (robocop III) is the best of them

2003-04-14 20:43:34 ET

Samita: Thanks, I was also thinking on taking a 'brake' on it, though then it will take me more and more to finish it, so what I've bben trying to do is drawing half hour of it and another half hour on any other thing.

Robot: Heh... well, I still think the first one is quite a little better that any other, not that I didn't like the third one, it's just that I think it was a bit exagerated on the sci-fi plot of the third one, the first one showed a true hipotesis for police and technology without doing an extrictly hollywoodish work.

2003-04-14 20:55:28 ET

the third one was with the little kid, right?

2003-04-14 20:59:13 ET

yep, the cute geek-like.

2003-04-15 04:20:56 ET


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