Sweat without moving.
2003-04-17 20:47:29 ET

Well itís been a fucking hell of temperature, damn, itís freaking hot this weather that I sweated while sleeping and woke upÖ fuck this weather, alas is spring, and that means something else: people wearing sandalsÖ uh fuck, how I wish there was some giant object blocking the sun Ö or at least something that lowered the intensity of sunrays like those uv glasses but that covered the whole cityÖ

Well Iím not exactly sure when was it but it was around these dates that I joined this site a year ago and everybody has read now that itís possible to be closed, so uh, I can say that Iíve liked it somehow, though never got to be like the popular sk.neters around here posting a lot and meeting a lot of peopleÖ well, whatever, that makes me more unpopular non-mainstream fuck. o_O

Yesterday there was, again, a way incredible beautiful moon on the sky. It has such awesome moonlight it made me want to become insane or jut fly over the clouds. Tonight itís a bit cloudy, so itís not showing like yesterday. But Iíll try to remember it that way and try to write a poem or something laterÖ. later.

2003-04-18 10:30:27 ET

I wish it were sandals weather here...it was nice and hot on Tuesday but got chilly again quite quick.

Is there really such a thing as the popular sk.neter? I think some seem to be more popular only because they joined earlier and it was easier to meet everyone when there were fewer people (or because they spend more time in front of their computers)...though I joined at the near beginning and I still don't know too many people...hmm... guess I'm an unpopular non-mainstream fuck as well.

2003-04-19 19:25:27 ET

Yeah, this year's been a weird weather, just 2 weeks ago I was freezing now I'm melting.

Heh, it's ok, I'm not against these people of sk.net, I was just joking, It's just that I'm saying that I'm used to not try to be so popular.

2003-04-21 19:47:17 ET

Heat = Death

2003-04-21 22:47:52 ET

BloodyKisses: Yes!! It's even there: Heat Death.

2003-04-22 06:52:26 ET

i think anything above 70 degrees is hot

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