In the floor.
2003-04-21 22:44:31 ET

I have two weeks of vacations, this is the second one, I should be doing other stuff but lazy bastard I amÖ ok, Iíll see what can I do tomorrow. Iím glad this place isnít being shut down. Thereís quite nice people here.

Well, just some while ago I was finishing an arrangement of the Gerudo Valley melody so I could play it and practice it on the violin. Itís a nice melody. Also Iíve been downloading more classical/baroque music lately, and I was just thinking seriously that in some years after finishing my career I really would like to study music composingÖ itís not that I have left my taste for goth/metal music I still love it but just these days Iíve been feeling like this, who knows, maybe tomorrow Iíll be listening again all the regular dark or heavy music.

Oh, and another thing, if it wasnít enough with having a cat, now my sister asked to have a dog, and so it is, we have a puppy whoís name I chose, we call her Anubis.

2003-04-22 02:44:59 ET

Like jolie?

2003-04-22 03:49:40 ET

Hehehe... classical music is the best. My first and last love. If you ever need some for listening, let me know, and I can burn you some, I've got oodles.

2003-04-22 21:46:51 ET

Jolie what?

I've downloaded (with a lot of effort searching) the 24 caprices of Paganini and Burned in CD; I'll also burn a CD of two violin concertos of Bach. I'l still be downloading lots of stuff, if you have any recomendations for classical music I'll be so glad to hear.

2003-04-23 03:47:40 ET

Oooo... I love violin. I want to learn someday.
I'll have to go through my collection tonight when I've got more time and am more coherent.

2003-04-23 04:22:47 ET

sorry you named your pet anubis she named her's anukis.

2003-04-23 21:51:06 ET

Oh, ok, I named it that way because of the Egyptian god that had a dog face, Anubis, God of deads or something.

2003-04-24 03:58:45 ET

hope your heart is lighter than a feather.

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