2002-06-07 06:30:13 ET

Finally is Friday, normally I donít have plans to do, on any day, but lately there has been some classical music performances at a theatre, and I have assisted to two of them. Today theyíll have an Opera, The barber of Seville, by Rossini, and of course Iím going there tonight, Iíve never been to an opera before, so itíll be interesting.

I donít have too much to say right now only that the sky is cloudy and I love cloudy days, but Iíll surely write something tonight when I get back from the opera. Meanwhile Iíll be drawing and/or listening to some music, either classical, heavy metal or black metal.

Oh no! the sun is coming out! No!

2002-06-07 07:35:29 ET

nothing is better than a cloudy day...besides an evil thunderstorm. I hope you enjoy the opera, and please tell me how it went, i always wanted to go to one.

2002-06-07 07:38:01 ET


2002-06-07 20:14:35 ET

sigh...I wish I was going to an opera, I love them so much...but I am such a sap...if I cry during some tv commercials...then its a little bit pathetic to see me go to some tragic opera...but oh well....I usually tune in to the crazy Chinese channel's operas on tv...yes very interesting...have fun

2002-06-08 13:45:01 ET

The barber of Seville isn't a traggic opera, I wish it was but it is a comedy/romantic opera.

2002-06-08 13:53:49 ET


2002-06-09 09:52:57 ET

yeah I know...but maybe a sandbag will fall on someone...

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