What's after a torment?
2003-05-05 18:45:28 ET

Iíve been feeling way too depressed lately; I think it started just when the concert thing started as wellÖ itís just that Iím not very used to be within so many peopleÖ and wanting me to talk. I donít know, Iím not sure if this is going to pass by sooner or later, well at least just right now I donít so depressed like the past week, in which I felt really dead-fucked. Just before this I was feeling kind of normal, like apathetic or jus singular, but with this thing happened about the concert thing I decayed so bad. Hopefully This week will be calmer and Iíll try to feel better, I got to see the guys of the orchestra until next Saturday, so itís like a rest dealing with the children but a missing of be with at least two or three nice people. Strange.

2003-05-12 15:23:55 ET

"people are hell"

2003-05-12 20:34:18 ET

Yet we live within them everday.

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