Bad timing.
2003-05-09 19:30:39 ET

Iím always either misplaced or mistimed on everything. At day when Iím on classes I feel with much encourage for playing violin but I know I canít, then when Iím on a bus or by the street I want to draw something. At home when I have time to do homework I donít feel likely to do it. When I start reading something or working on something else I feel so damn sleepy; when itís time to go to bed and sleep itís many times when I feel sort of energetic and feel likely to do exercise but I canít because I now I need to wake up earlyÖ the thing is that whenever I feel so likely to do something Iím not in good conditions to do it. Fuck, Iím misplaced at everything.

2003-05-09 20:16:32 ET

You're not misplaced with friends. <3 You're exactly where you need to be, when you need to be, and who you need to be.

2003-05-09 20:44:09 ET

I think we all get that way sometimes.

2003-05-13 19:10:24 ET

welcome to my world. :P

sami's right, as usual. :)

2003-05-14 05:06:09 ET

Thanks. I'd like to be in skymosh's world, cuz kicks ass.

2003-05-16 19:15:25 ET

lol. my world seems pretty boring most days, though the misplaced bits can occasionally be interesting. ;)

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