New artwork
2003-05-17 13:09:12 ET

I have now finished a drawing I started since December of 2002 but I couldn’t finish it right away either because I was busy, I got distracted very easily or because I preferred doing something else, like practicing with the violin or just slacking off. But here it is now. I called it Beauty Study for giving personal viewpoints of beauty about gothic-related. Anyway, two other interesting facts of this is that I scanned it 4 times while it was in progress from the beginning to the end of drawing it, so you can look at how did I start it and how it ended (this is another reason of the “study”); the second interesting fact is that I took borrowed the background from somewhere else… heheh, can someone guess it? Please some guess it! I’ll tell later anyway. Well that’s all I hope someone likes mi art, if not, you’re very welcome to tell me how much I suck. Thanks.

Study 1Study 2Study 3Study 4Beauty Study

2003-05-17 15:13:40 ET

that's really good. the background looks like something from a game or something. but I don't quite know.

2003-05-17 18:11:58 ET

Nice work, Sir Uly! I have no idea where the background is from.

2003-05-19 17:30:24 ET

AngryLove: Thank you, you're very close! Just try to guess the name, please!
BemusedPixie: Thanks mademoiselle!

Please, one more guess and I'll tell.

2003-05-19 18:52:19 ET

Labyrinth. Mixed with Reign. Mixed with Landstalker.

Yeah, I have no idea. :\

2003-05-20 06:01:26 ET

Heheh, ok, well, here it is.

2003-05-20 09:22:43 ET

Lol! Win! :D

2003-05-25 10:40:30 ET

haha...I had no idea!

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