I Need muses to live.
2003-05-24 22:15:25 ET

I was now realizing how similar I found the fact that I canít write well expressing moments but I can came up with lots of ideas when Iím not able to write to the fact that sometimes I canít seem to draw something unless Iím truly inspired or having an object as model to draw on. Itís like sometimes, at my bed I occur with many ideas that I feel like writing them down, but when I sit either with a piece of paper or in front of the computer I canít seem to write anything. Then the same itís been happening lately with drawing: Iím walking by the street or Iím on a bus and see thru the windows or just watching the tv or a movie, I see people, figures, and I want to draw them, but then when Iím in a desk I canít recall exactly how I wanted the figures and such unless Iím watching something inspiring meÖ Iíve lost practice.

2003-05-27 10:20:11 ET

i was reading over my poems the other day. I realized (finally) that I can not write at all!

2003-05-28 18:46:44 ET

Nah, you do write nicely, maybe you just need a bit more of inspiration, I think I'll try it too.

2003-05-29 06:10:18 ET

I am IN LOVE with your art.

2003-05-31 18:52:51 ET

Heh, thank you!

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