I like to chew ice cubes
2003-06-01 19:30:06 ET

Today I went to buy two Cds, it had been long since I didnít buy any, really long.
I spent about $55 in 2 great Cds: This and this, extreme joy for string instruments.

The sad news, is that TeRRoR is gone, damn, she was one of the best members at subkultures.net, she kicked so much ass, well Iíll miss her.

Well vacations are close and Iím thinking on taking summer curses for improving my way to play the violin, and/or perhaps try a new instrument. Also, Iíll try to keep drawing more often for not losing practice because, a while ago I was trying to do something and, shit, I suck so much, I really need something to be inspiring meÖ what I desperately need is to see, yes, just watch a girl with black lipstick, just that, can someone please me with that, anyone? For my drawing sake? Mmh.. that or just something nice to draw, like black hair.

2003-06-02 14:44:58 ET

Come to Utah and pay me, mwa ha hah!

Bah, there's gotta be one nearby somewhere for you. :\

You could always dress in drag and look in the mirror. ;)

2003-06-02 18:44:43 ET

Oh yes!
Heh, I think the mirror would brake though.

2003-06-02 19:07:55 ET

Aww . . .

Buy a maniquin (sp?) I always thought those'd be cool to dress up. :D

2003-06-03 20:34:03 ET

I love your new drawing...well...its new to me...AGH! Shame...I usually wear blue lipstick...hmmm

2003-06-09 22:08:37 ET

blue? well.. it depends, is it a dark blue or a light blue?

2003-06-10 19:56:24 ET

its dark.....grrrrrowl lol

2003-06-21 12:10:58 ET

Hehehehe. *poke* BOO!

2003-06-22 19:05:37 ET

Oh mademoiselle TeRRoR is back!

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