Danger: beware of society.
2003-06-08 21:02:58 ET

Yesterday, was quite exhausting, I went to my violin classes like all Saturdays on morning, then I had the rehearsal with the orchestra and we finished at like 3:30 pm, then stayed there because we were going to have a little concert at 7 pm, so in the meanwhile I stayed there talking with the others; specially I enjoyed talking with one girl, a friend that’s very kind to us all. Well, then we was going to play but in a near town so we got on a bus, the travel was took about an hour; inside the bus all started –again- doing noise and all that shit, like the other times I had mentioned. We arrived there, played, had a dinner, enjoyed talking with them and stuff, and got back to our city at 11 pm. Eh, I need to practice a lot more.

After all that amazingly a lot of depressive thoughts came to my mind, lots and lots. I felt so damn weird, even in the bus when no one was noticing me I felt like suffering for not being able to laugh naturally like them, …is it a fact now? Every time I spend a while with more than 4 or 5 person at anything I feel so down, I wished I lot of things, I write here mostly to try to take out my feelings, …no one that knows me in person knows me as I write in here.

2003-06-08 21:17:20 ET

I'm glad to see you for what you are inside Malk. You're a great guy.
I'll be with people I love and enjoy being around, and still be depressed, so much that I won't even let them touch me. But it passes. Usually.

2003-06-09 03:58:54 ET

I'm no better than the great poetess you are, that's for sure. I admire the way you do can express with words.

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