just blah...
2003-06-09 22:15:13 ET

I've never had and will never haver good concentration when reading. I get distracted very easily. I see how mane people say they're readoing a book or something, and I can't, my reading concentration is way to loose. Maybe if people printed novels on the back of cereal boxes I could read them better...

I need music suggestions, yeh, anyone, yeh, anyone here on subkultures.net come and tell me 3 or 5 songs you think I should listen, go tell your buddies to post here music recomendations here, I need to listen at something...

2003-06-10 08:39:10 ET

Ellen McIllwaine - Born Under a Bad Sign (awesome blues tune)
Methods of Mayhem - Metamorphasis
Rory Gallagher - As the Crow Flies (another awesome blues tune)

2003-06-12 06:27:26 ET

im the same way .. then i was diagnosed with in-attentive a.d.d.

2003-06-13 06:35:33 ET

yeah I can't concentrate unless there is pure silence.

I don't know if you've listened to these yet but I'll write them anyway.

My Dying Bride - "Black Heart Romance",
Paradise Lost - "Joys of the Emptiness",
Decapitated - "Spheres of Madness"
Moonspell - "Darkness and Hope"
Dissection - "Where dead angels lie"
Behemoth - ... get anything you can find by them, I love them

and for something a bit lighter

Katatonia - "I am Nothing"
Opeth - "Death whispered a lullaby"
and anything by Dead Can Dance

I hoped I helped a little bit. I wrote more than 3-5 just in case you've heard of them.. etc.

2003-06-14 19:33:13 ET

Era... wonderful band. Ours, anything by the Counting Crows, particulary 'Round Here'.
Ummmm... Nine Inch Nails, 'Deep'
I'll tell more when I can think better.

2003-06-16 21:12:14 ET

Thank you all.
I'll go download more music!

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