bleeding ink.
2003-06-16 05:46:58 ET

A few days ago I sat infront the desk, listened to some music, grabed a pen and tried to draw something, ...resulst: I'm losing practice!, damn I was there for like an hour doing lots of sketches, drawing really messy lines and figures, I got really desperaed I wanted to throw all the papers and destroy everything around me. So next morning I felt a bit inspired again I tried to draw something just to see if I could rescue any drawing skills, so I had patience and just drew this image of a like imaginary friend or muse. I don'd know if it looks good or not, maybe it sucks as well, but at least looks damn better than when I sat in the desk.

2003-06-16 12:49:10 ET

I like it! I find that the most important thing about improving drawing skills is practice. I'm trying to draw every day (although currently not doing so well because I've had other things that have stolen my time away), and it really does make a difference!

2003-06-16 20:37:21 ET

Oooooo.. very good Malk, very good. Le sigh, if only I could draw!

2003-06-16 21:09:05 ET

Tasha: Thank you. I know how it feel that sometimes when I want to draw I can't because of other things, but some vacations are coming soon, I think I'll go practice more. You may be my new model!
samita: Thank you, you do can draw, maybe just not in a same level of appretiation like others, but surely any artist -you poetess- may have a way to draw something.

2003-06-17 20:19:37 ET

Kinda... little sketches here and there, but most of the time they get thrown/hidden away. I do like painting though.

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