Another repertoire.
2003-06-22 21:18:31 ET

Well, well, on Sunday, had rehearsal from 1 to 3 pm, then at 7 had to be at the theatre because, we were having a concert at 8 pm, and so it wasÖ gulp, I did feel nervous at some melodies because the sound there is just too amazing, you can hear very well any you make with the violin at any corner, so that I played wrong some notes it would be easily noticed, and I did fucked it up, a couple of times, I think the audience didnít noticed it that well though, but I felt bad, I know I crewed it so itís my fucking fault, well, it wasnít really much, in one I played before the tempo, in others I just played the wrong notes, well I donít many noticed that, anyhow I know I fucked it up, I felt like that, but in general the whole repertoire went moderately well, not so bad but neither really good.

Iíll be taking summer courses for violin which means now Iíll be going to the institute daily, I know Iíll get pretty tired but, damn, I like playing, yet frustrating at times because some of these new exercises are really hard, not like those before, this ones get me more tired, sometimes I do think Iíll never get o make it that good like the other guys, but itís just this damn passion for fine arts that drives me insane.

On another note, TeRRoR's back, go say hello to her.

2003-06-23 18:58:46 ET

Oh, I so want to learn the violin. I miss music coming from my fingertips.
Our piano is horridly out of tune, and the only person in town that could fix it has moved to Nebraska.

2003-06-23 19:14:03 ET

I'd like to learn piano too, maybe this summer.

2003-06-23 19:26:33 ET

Piano is lovely. I took lessons for about 5 years when I was younger.

2003-06-28 07:09:41 ET

Mwahahahahahha! yes, I am back to TeRRoRize you all!!!!!

2003-06-28 21:18:10 ET

*jumps of excitemnet*

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