More instruments.
2003-06-26 23:10:14 ET

Well, on summer courses now Iíve also decided to take cello and piano lessons.
On the Piano I ought to say that I suck!! Yes, Iím terribly a shit-head at piano, ok, so Iíve just taken tow classes but I get so frustrated that I miss the keys and the notes and all, itís going to take a lot of patience certainly.
On the Cello, well, it was a bit more comfortable, because itís another string-bow instrument, only that this oneís bigger, so Iíll have to get use to the weight and the width of the strings, yet it patience will be another importance virtue here.
As for what it goes on the Violin, the lessons are getting harder; I spent about an hour with one lesson yesterday, but itís good, -again, with patience- Iíll improve on playing.
Damn I like music.

2003-06-27 04:10:28 ET

Wow. I dont think I could learn how to play two instruments at once.

2003-06-27 18:49:22 ET

Keep at it Malk, you're doing wonderful I'm sure :)

2003-06-28 08:57:25 ET

Music is life.

2003-06-28 21:47:31 ET

SlightlyD: Heh, I'll keeo trying.
samita: Thanks!
BloodyKR: I guess that's I'm still alive, or else I'd already be dead.

2003-06-29 16:03:10 ET

Yes. I know a lot of people that say "music is their life".

2003-07-10 00:09:02 ET

just take it slow til you learn it then pick up your speed.repetition repetition repetition!

2003-07-11 20:59:33 ET

I'll try to keep practicing, I do admire a lot thow who play keyboards, and I've always liked the sound of the piano.

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