Cluoudy music.
2003-07-01 22:55:05 ET

I donít know whatís wrong with my internet connection, it just suddenly disconnects the fuck up, why? Fucking why?
Ah, well, so now that Iím at cello and piano lessons I got to say that I suck terribly at piano, I guess Iíll just need a lot of patience for it, perhaps Iím doing a bit better on cello.
Also, I made an arrangement of the Fugue in Gm of Bach, which is originally for organ I made the arrangement for string orchestra, now I just need people to play it. Oh well, Iíve been talking a lot about music lately again. I wish I had something better to say.

Oh well, letís see, the past two days have been all cloudy, which I like a lot, I whish I could live on the clouds, seems so fresh and dreamyÖ oh well, to bad Iím still stuck within this summer weather, fuck, I wish it already was winter again, or at least autumn.

2003-07-03 17:58:51 ET

It's been raining a lot here for the past month or two.

I hate this heat though! I wish it was winter or autumn now as well.

2003-07-09 22:53:06 ET

Aw, nice it's raining there, your my winter/autumn pal!

2003-07-10 10:48:00 ET


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