Andante ma non troppo.
2003-07-09 22:51:47 ET

Every time I want to write something here, I forget what Iíve thought previously.
Letís see, last week I stayed until 5 am on the Internet because I was talking to a friend, whom is my violin teacher, sheís such a kick ass person, we have some similar music tastes on power metal, and I was telling that it sounds cool calling her Susy instead of Susan because sounds cute, she being a badass goth girl with a cute name. Heh, well, thing thatís weird is that I went to sleep at 5:30 am and woke at 7:40 am... what the fuck?
Tonight, after it got darker, it was really heavy-clouded, it seemed like it was going to rain, but it didnít. Which reminds me, yesterday I dreamed that I was Superman! Yeh, superman, which is so strange, in any case if I wanted to be dc comics hero Iíd obviously be Batman; I love batman, though, I dreamed I was Superman, and I was flying, Iíve always dreamed of flying.

Due to my researches, seems that not many like music such Orgy or Deadsy, even for some people that know me in person would think that itís a strange music genre for me, but I like it, anyone know similar music? MmhÖ anyhow, I better go to sleep now.

2003-07-12 20:51:30 ET

I like orgy. Good band, though their first cd was better.

mmmm... I envy you. I've never dreamt of flying.

2003-07-12 21:07:24 ET

I think that dreaming of flying is some of the best dreams one can have.

2003-07-12 21:10:17 ET

I dream of falling a lot.. but I don't think that counts. I've always wanted to dream of flying.

2003-07-12 21:34:46 ET

Of falling? I also have dreamt of falling, but I usually wake up because of that.

2003-07-13 14:30:59 ET

Yea. Though, haven't had any of those for a while. But I used to.

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