2005-11-19 02:37:27 ET

Wow, my first post here, intriguing. I find that I have a lot that I feel like saying but not the energy nor motivation to bother. So, I'll just stick with talking about music, something that's of general interest to most people worldwide.

Firstly, I've just discovered the joys of iTunes. Who's going to bother paying thirty bucks for a CD at Sanity when I can get it for half that online? My joy at the discovery of cheap music beyond my wildest imaginings was shot repeatedly in the face when I discovered that I'd been looking at the UK one, and so it wasn't anywhere near as cheap as I had at first thought. It's still cheap, though, and Chrissy is almost here, so I've begun compiling an iTunes wishlist.

Lemme see...

Lacuna Coil - Comalies
AFI - Sing the Sorrow

Shit! While writing this update I only just figured out that the selection of music varies depending on the country! Next on the list was going to be Dragonland - The Battle of Ivory Plains, but looks like that's a no-go. And Lacuna coil, too. Egads, Gadzooks, and Dagnabbit, to put it *extremely* mildly.

Oh well, next on the list is...

A Perfect Circle - Either Mer De Noms, or Thirteenth Step, I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

There were more, but now I think that I've forgotten them, or something...

The next thing was the insane amount of genres, just check out Wikipedia. There's at least half a billion different genres ending with 'core', I mean, have you heard of Mathcore?

2005-11-19 02:43:51 ET

Welcome to SK.

2005-11-19 04:08:17 ET

welcome to sk. . . when in doubt always revert to good tunes : ) I'm not afraid to admit I love afi hehe happy posting

2005-11-19 05:50:46 ET


Lacuna Coil - excellent choice!

2005-11-19 06:01:14 ET

heeheeeee you said "dagnabbit". My favorite high school teacher used to say that so much that we occasionally called him "Mr. Dagnabbit". Mathcore? Heck yeah, its nerdtacular.

2005-11-19 07:06:52 ET

i always thought mathcore is the same thing as mathrock.

welcome to sk.

2005-11-19 09:15:25 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

2005-11-20 01:10:10 ET

Hey, I wasn't expecting so many replies. Thanks for the warm greeting, everyone!

The thing about iTunes is, I hadn't even heard anything by AFI, and I'd only heard one song by lacuna Coil until I browsed iTunes and made extensive use of the samples.

Yeah, I have a habit of substituting weird words in place of the usual line-up of cusses.

As for Mathcore/Math Rock, I think they're both pretty similar, just ones closer to Hardcore while the other's closer to general rock. That's just a guess, anyway. Genres mean so little, that it doesn't really make much difference.

...The van? *gets in anyway*

2005-11-20 16:57:36 ET

Welcome to SK

2005-11-22 14:41:18 ET

*Screeches to a halt in a red and black "A-Team" style van while blaring metallica's "Master of Puppets"*

2005-11-22 14:43:24 ET

*slips out of the cage*

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

2005-11-24 22:20:11 ET

Okay, okay. I gotta admit, that is a pretty damn cool van, although I haven't heard the song...

You mean I wasn't meant to feed them? Oops...

Thanks again for the greetings, people.

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