2005-11-22 14:19:15 ET

For those who are interested, here's the further details of my epic journey through iTunes. I ended up only getting enough on a music card for one album and an individual song.
After doing some searching around, I figured out that the Aussie iTunes actually does have the new Rammstein CD, Rosenrot, so I didn't end up getting any of the ones that I mentioned in my last update, and Rosenrot it was. With the three dollars I had left, I got Planet Hell by Nightwish, which is a great sounding symphonic sort of song.

After downloading these songs, I went to put them into my uber-playlist-of-doom-with-over-9-gig-of-music and found that I couldn't because they're some kind of weird protected music format. Another result of that was that I can't convert them to MP3 because of the protection. I took this in stride, and attempted to make a new playlist in iTunes, only to realise that a lot of my music ripped from CD is high-quality WMA files, that iTunes doesn't seem to like.

So now I'm stuck with a playlist conundrum. If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great.

In other news, today I have my second out of two exams, and this one is Gumby maths, or Maths applications, if you really want to be specific. No point studying, so I just took a few notes, and I'm going to see how it goes. After this, I'm finally free for the year, and the only thing I'll need to worry about will be work. I hate retail, but at least it's better than Fast Food, and I can't really afford to bepicky right now.


2005-11-22 18:00:47 ET


i use cool edit pro to convert wma files to mp3. you could find any number of programs online that will do the same thing. i'm pretty sure if you look long and hard enough you can find something that will unprotect those itunes files.

i'm starting to dig the new rammstein album, i was a HUGE fan until reise reise, i thought that was crap.

you should go to slsknet.org and become a pirate. arrrgh!

btw, hi, my name is kreg

2005-11-24 22:18:34 ET

Yarr! I'm already a pirate, me hearty! Just not an slsknet one.

I'll have a look around for something to unprotect them or something. Hopefully I'll figure something out sooner or later.

I've never actually owned an entire Rammstein album, and the only one I've listened to in its entirety before Rosenrot, was the live DVD. My favourite ones are probably Sehnsucht, 'cause Engel is the song that got me hooked, and probably mutter, although I haven't heard heaps of the songs from it.

Nice to meet you, Kreg.

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