Weekend of doom
2005-01-31 19:50:08 ET

Trip to la - Friday
i just drove past a sign at the paso fairgrounds for the show of the century. fucking zz top, blink 182 and the goo goo dolls. when i was eight my mother took me to a record store to purchase the new millivanilli album, little did i know the world as i knew it was about to be rocked by an impulse buy of zz top's greatest hits. it is because of them i know the value of a sharp dressed man and great legs..
Zoo - Saturday
Oh boy, what a day. blue skys and a nice breeze. we went to la zoo today. i wasn't keen on the idea of us going to the zoo but Hanna seemed to enjoy it. i don't think that is adequate justification but its all i got. Hanna was very excited to see all the animals shes been reading about. she was in full effect with animal sounds, ohhs ahhs and awws.
Tate's mother offered to sit Hanna so after dinner with Vinny & Nicole we went to see Sideways which was very good. I wasn't in love with it at first but as the movie went on I started to care for the characters even though l couldn't relate to them at all. The subtle humor was nice and the characters were quirky. I think Tate called it a smarter ghost world for older people with out hip characters.

2005-01-31 20:05:19 ET

millivanilli didn't need to know how to sing. their style alone could pull them through.

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