2005-10-24 13:54:21 ET

God so much has changed since my last post. Where I live, who I love, what I want. I feel really good about where I am at personally. I took a lot of shitty things happening for me to realize I didn't like the direction I was going and who I was. I can say I really feel like things are going to be different no matter where I am or who I'm with. For two weeks I have felt like a totally different person. A lot more vulnerable but I really do feel 18 again heart ache and all. I feel like that the last chapter in my life was a bad one but with lots of magical moments. I just can't wait for the next one to get moving. I don't know who will be in it or what it will contain but I'm ready, smarter, stronger, better and lets hope cuter than when this whole thing began. Lets see if I can keep up on this journal.

Lip repierced? circle yes or no

I am the Aleister Crowley of love.

2005-10-24 15:36:05 ET

Circle : yes!

have fun with your new chapter.

i wish you *L*U*CK*

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