2005-11-01 04:45:18 ET

Ahhhh Rebeca!! So Rebeca was here this weekend and it was seriously the best time I have had in months. I really needed to get my mind off of stuff @ home. We took a bike tour of Chicago, ate allot, made love in public places, danced at a crazy loft party, made out with 165110 people, and laid around looking at each other. Having her here helped me think allot about my future with out Tate. Sometimes I feel like I'm just sweeping my feelings and issues under the rug but maybe thats ok. I can be irresponsible too once in a while. Any way it was nice to spend Halloween with Hanna. Even if I was half asleep the whole time.

2005-11-01 10:30:28 ET

sounds like a kick ass time. i wish my halloween was as fun.
i love chicago.

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