Roller Derby ....Its the SHIT!!!
2006-06-28 13:24:30 ET

OK so official roller derby practices started a few weeks ago...So far so good, havent fallen *Knocks on wood* the only thing that has happened so far is i sprained my thumb but its doing much better so it wont affect me skating at all...It is such a good work out... 2 hours a day for 3 days... I hope i lose some weight!! I already know its going to get harder and eventually im going to fall or break something, but i think im ready to take the pain..

Speaking of pain, i really want to get another tattoo...I just figured since its summer I wont be able to swim or anything so i might as well wait till fall/winter comes around...BUT I DONT WANT TO!! LOL Tattoos are so addicting!

Today is my day to rest from roller derby practice...I think ill have a beer....Tata for now

2006-06-28 15:25:56 ET

Roller Derby sounds fun as shit, good luck with that :)

Can't wait til I'm unpregnant, then I can have a beer when I feel like it.

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