2010-03-10 16:59:48 ET

So i finally got a chance to play Left 4 Dead 2. And I thinks it does a brilliant job on atmosphere and experience. The game is a lot harder but they give you such wonderful things as level 3 weapons and melee weapons. Over all it does a great job of giving one the "ohh god I'm in a zombie apocalypse" feeling. But I'm struck in the face by one overwhelming issue with the game. For what it is and how soon it has come out, I cant see why it warrented being a completely seperate game. At best it makes me feel like 50 was spent on a game that I should have gotten it for 20. Good game and all still.

2010-03-10 17:22:58 ET

You never really played l4d1 then. The AI has a significant boost, new zombies, better graphics and much smoother play.

I think people expect too much from valve. With all these upgrades whose going to pay developers and stuff? A lo t of time and money went it making l4d2 and its well worth the 50.

I did manage to get it for 33.74 but thats just cause I got in on a 4 pack deal. Whats you steam ID so I can desrtoy you on tf2. :)

2010-03-10 18:45:14 ET

Well I have L4D1. And frankly the only improvement in the AI that i saw is that when zombies charge at you they no longer come in a stream. Instead the dart all over the place, making it very hard to depress the trigger and evaporate hundreds of zombie skulls. New zombies are interesting. And its nice to see the special zombie tag team. But nothing really super about that. Im not saying its bad. I'm saying I don't think it was worth making a whole new game. But that being said, I would still buy it.

2010-03-10 19:55:44 ET

When did you get a steam account? Otherwise you are just playing with AI.

The only thing they really kept was a theme and playthrough for maps. I mean look at final fantasy. People dont bitch about paying for a new game. I think pc gamers are spoiled and should deal.

2010-03-11 09:47:09 ET

rofl. I have had a steam account for about a year. I can play L4D1 every once in a while, but TF2 still does not like me.

2010-03-11 13:26:29 ET

What's your steam id?

2010-03-11 15:11:50 ET

same as my subkultures, nick is SniperFox

2010-03-11 15:21:27 ET

Add me. I can't seem to find you.

2010-03-11 15:40:37 ET

I will, more likely tomorrow.

2010-03-11 19:23:54 ET

Lets see here...
4 more campaigns.
New set of characters
Re-optimized engine
Whole new set of sounds, new soundtrack
uhm 7 new guns, bunch of new melee weapons
Rebuilt AI (including a more devious and refined director)
2 new perfectly balanced enemies

anytime an "expansion" gives you roughly...
lets see here, original game had 4 enemies, new game has 6, so thats 50% more.
original game had 6 weapons new game had 19... thats 300% give or take.
2 new ammo types and a weapon upgrade; both new innovations
new throwable
a new game mode for multiplayer...

yeah I think that's what they call in the gaming industry "a metric fuckton of content"

To be honest, I was skeptical too... then I took stock like that as I was playing through.

On a more unquantifiable level, the game seems more balanced, smoother, more polished overall it's just better. The same but MORE

2010-03-12 18:07:09 ET

I do have to say the PSG-1 is the best at mowing down rows of zombies...

2010-03-12 22:11:20 ET

The sniper rifle is actually based on the HK-91.

But yes, good for well funneled hordes

2010-03-13 09:25:09 ET

Pff i dont care, its an HK sniper rifle with a 20 round magazine. though a PSG-1 would be amazing too.

2010-03-13 10:49:48 ET

The sniper rifle has a 30 round clip in game fyi.

2010-03-13 14:16:02 ET

Ohh it does, EVEN MORE BETTER!

2010-03-13 19:54:01 ET

What I don't like in L4D1 is that my AI teammates move around in exactly the same spastic, cracked-out, quasi-Brownian manner as the zombies, more often than not earning them a blast in the face from my auto-shottie. Then they waste a health pack to patch themselves up in order to spasmodically dart in front of my shotgun again. And AGAIN. I don't care if you're set on weeding yourself out of the gene pool by running in front of a shotgun on the end of an itchy trigger finger, but don't use up my goddamn health packs. Bitches. >=(

Haven't played L4D2 yet.

2010-03-13 21:03:45 ET

They are slightly better in 2, but they do have the very anoying issue of not using heath packs sparingly. Or when you are getting mobbed.

2010-03-14 00:34:32 ET

That's why you play online with friends on a pc. :p

2010-03-14 00:35:03 ET

Also I don't see the invite so from now on I'm calling bullshite on you having a steam account and even having played this game.

2010-03-14 08:54:11 ET

A: I do, but I have a life
B: I HAVE the game
C: I'm not going to make it my job to satisfy your cravings.

Also note i cant seem to add you either...

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