2010-03-13 21:15:22 ET

So its finally happened, my depression has kicked in. No I'm not manic depressive. I'm just regular depressive, I barely have energy to get out of bed in the morning. Well, I'm trying to figure out how to get through it. Enough complaining from me.

2010-03-13 21:22:44 ET

fake it til you feel it

BE happy... whether you mean it or not

2010-03-14 00:38:36 ET

Or end the pain.

2010-03-14 08:15:27 ET

Man, I think today it was the weather.

Or just the fact that it's the weekend.

All I really have to do today is get a haircut, so I set my alarm for 10, and promptly ignored it until 13.

It wasn't a groany "Dun wanna!" it was a comfy "SO WARM!"

Also: Watch the video in my latest post and see how you feel about it.

2010-03-14 08:49:46 ET

I hate that BTW, when you are in bed and you are EPICLY COMFY and you have to get out of bed.

2010-03-15 11:08:27 ET

Depression's a bitch. Just gotta ride it out.

I discovered that, just as it doesn't take much to ruin my mood, it doesn't take much to improve it either. Which is pretty helpful.

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