Crash and Burn
2010-03-26 19:01:47 ET

So im minding my own buisness looking up information on the internets (Mistake 1) when all of the sudden my browser, firefox, freezes and then I get a wonderful message from windows that my firewall is down. Well shit I say and try and put it back up when I get another wonderful message. My anti-virus has been deactivated. Then i start getting spammed about all the shit that is flying apart in my machine. I diconnected the internets manually and try to open and run anything that is anti virus related... nothing.

Well its time for me to take it out to get fixed. Hope I didn't lose all of my shit on that system. I think its time to invest in a real anti-virus instead of one I got for free on the internets. I have been hearing a lot of people have been getting attacked recently by something that does a similar job. here is to hoping that its not a pattern. Well back to changing all the passwords I can.

Also, my mothers computer is FUCKING SLOW!

2010-03-26 19:45:46 ET

nothing wrong with the freeware. i've never been a fan of norton or mcaffe for the home systems personally. i run avast for antivirus and AVG for antispyware

2010-03-27 06:36:48 ET

Yah, have both of those and this thing ate them in a few seconds.

2010-03-27 07:40:02 ET

beware of phishing sites.

2010-03-27 14:22:14 ET

funny enough it was not on a phisher sight. I was doing some research on guns and on one of the pages was the virus.

2010-03-27 15:53:04 ET

oh...use firefox with a noscript plugin.

2010-03-28 06:54:28 ET

??? sarcasm?

2010-03-28 11:26:09 ET

Truth. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. Works just fine with me. I also use Maleware Bytes which is great for spyware.

2010-03-29 12:48:26 ET

rgr i will get these when my main system is up and running.

2010-04-03 20:52:21 ET

Jake is right, FireFox with a no script plugin.

2010-04-04 13:18:31 ET

i will do research on this then, thanks for the information.

2010-04-04 13:57:31 ET

Also, windows 7 even if your card doesn't support dx11.

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