Computer fixed
2010-04-04 13:36:28 ET

Okay so I had to rebuild the software on the system. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. After I got my main system back up and running my lappy 2000 started to grind itself apart. The water damage from the rain storm finally took its tole (got rained on when i had to walk to a train station in a rain storm). So I took some of my college money and got myself a new lappy 5000.

Other then that I manage to catch the most annoying cold I have ever had. Hope it clears up soon.

2010-04-04 14:00:47 ET

Have you seen the new alienware laptops for 800? They are really reasonable and awesome gaming rigs. Plays BFBC2 on med-high which is impressive.

2010-04-04 18:08:17 ET

Is it a cold, or is it the explosion of tree pollen this week?

I'm starting my claritin tomorrow :P

2010-04-05 13:16:03 ET

nah it was a cold, im over it now.

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