Long Day
2010-05-14 09:33:32 ET

So I have been working on a project of rather little consiquence to those who are outside the game of EVE Online. I had built up an alliance from nothing to a very well respected group in null sec. But due to an ego maniac and down right asshole, I was forced to abandon all that I had worked on. Logging in every day and being told how useless i was for the bast 6 months really graded on me. I tired to be kind and political about it but in the end is simply could not take it anymore. The things this person did to me and does to others on a daily basis is rather wrong. But i digress.

Now I'm picking up all that I have made and worked on and moving. I seem to have a theme that every project I work really hard on is doomed to fail in a manner the id directly proportional to how much effort I put into it. The harder I work on it the bigger the explosion.

Also, family decided not to help me fly anymore, another dream shattered. Not like I wanted to fly anyway...

2010-05-14 09:45:13 ET

sorry everything sucks so bad

you know that some people are alphas and some are betas, right?
anyways, sorry you ran into a queen asshole.

2010-05-14 14:04:09 ET

Don't forget the Omegas... or if you're talking about something else, the Deltas.

Eve is about grief and greed.

Sucks about the wings though.

2010-05-14 14:08:21 ET

i miss eve when you talk about it like that...

2010-05-14 14:14:53 ET

Me too really XD

2010-05-14 15:06:00 ET

I'm always tempted to reactivate eve for a month just to gried ppl.

Then I remember that I quit with negative sec status and would have to grind for that.

2010-05-14 15:40:15 ET

The only thing I miss if my vif patrol. So much good times there with Anirul and Drake.

2010-05-15 09:07:08 ET

Eve still has an unnatural ability to keep me playing the game. I have to say I like the new alliance i am with. Good folk, and right next door.

Trying to get back into flight school... might not happen but *meh*

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