The World is in motion: I want to get off
2010-06-15 13:48:36 ET

So sorry I have not been the most active in here lately. Life is doing its "90 miles per hour into a brick wall" thing again. I finally got a job but I'm only managing to get 15 hours a week. This is mainly due to grad school. I have come to the realization that I have almost no interest in Psychology any more. My folks have announced they are selling the house I I need to move with them to Colorado or find a place to stay in mass. This would be fine if I had a job that payed more then 2 bucks. They kindly offered me my grandmothers house... if I could come up with the 2300 a month rent to stay there. Thanks but no thanks?

I was hoping this job that I got would get me back into flying. Was so close to doing my solo flight. But it looks like everything is on hold for me trying to figure out how to not become homeless. In other news the Porsche suffered a terminal case of a dead Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and is dead. If I cant find a replacement for it then I will have a 2 ton shiney paperweight that cost me 80 bucks if a want to move it. I now know what its like to need a tow truck and not know anyone that I can call. And it died 500 feet from my freakin driveway. Didn't need the money anyway.

Anywho, not much ells has changed. If anyone cares the great big war in the north of EVE Online has come to an end. The invaders were sent home, once again losing a lot of assets for absolutely no gain. I get the feeling that i might be the only eve playing in Subkultures right now.

Cya all around.

2010-06-15 14:23:46 ET

1) Whats the job
2) Dorm?

2010-06-15 19:25:10 ET

push the car w friends?

junk yard or ebay for parts

ditto sub

2010-06-16 08:13:13 ET

That sucks man. Well there is always AAA. A regular subscription gives you a 3 mile tow for free.

You can stay there until the Masters is done right? This is a terrible time to sell and move. They have a better job opportunity or something?

I think Vasa still plays eve or something. I'm pretty much done with MMO's. I've been playing TF2, BFBC2, Guild Wars (non-paying mmo so I'm okay with that), Dragon Age Origins and I just tried the into to Alpha Protocol.

2010-06-16 16:03:17 ET

I work at a specialty wine store in Norwell. Sorry, I thought I mentioned this. Also, the college I'm going to does not have any kind of dorm system.

I agree, this is probably the worst time to go house selling, but it is not my call.

2010-06-16 16:37:02 ET

Tell your folks I'll buy the house! I'll pay them the cost of the house minus the cost of repairing/refurbishing it.

So... Fifty bucks should cover it, right? =P

2010-06-16 21:29:11 ET

is true =P

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