2010-07-10 17:40:12 ET

Both of my cars have massive electrical issues leaving me with nothing to drive but my folks cars. One of which had the exsaust fall off of it when i was on the high way. After that it seems that my parents have decided not to sell but still suggest that a move might be coming soon. Other then that i have lost about 3 weeks trying to damage control the shitty information my parents gave me and I'm trying to catch up on school work.

Just waiting for the next thing to drop.

2010-07-11 06:43:37 ET

Sucks about your cars man. That really sucks. I hope you can take care of that soon. I'm glad they aren't selling. They probably realize how bad the market is right now. You're so close to finishing your degree!

2010-08-05 22:28:07 ET

"Just waiting for the next thing to drop."

A toast to your first testicle in the meantime, then? =P

Sorry, chief. The good news is that your parents putting the house up is no guarantee that they'll actually SELL it (see Bri's comment), so even if they put it on the market I'd wager that things'll hold steady at least for a little while longer.

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