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2010-12-22 18:10:27 ET

So im heading off to work today and found that i was low on gas. So like a good and resposible person I head to the bank to get cash from which i hoped to buy said gas. I had to go through an intersection that had a very tight corner to it. I looked bothe way, turn signle on. Saw nothing and started out to the bank parking lot which was just across the road.

I was about half way through when my car was struck my a mini van that to the best of my knowledge was trying to beat the red light. The women had taken her eyes off the road and thus made no attempt to stop. Her car struck mine just in front of the b-piller (that is the main piller that is between the two doors on most cars) and pushed the door into my lap. The impacked was focused almost entirely on me. The door did its best to stop the blow but it didn't have the space it needed to really take most of the force.

I was not wearing my seat belt. But this is one of the few time that it was a good thing. I was bounced up and out of my seat. My hips were unrestrained so they simply bounced and disipated the energy. If i was betled in, well the leas of my worries would have been the jaws of life that would have been needed to get me out. I would have been more worried about the doctors that would have been peacing my hips back together at the ER.

As it was she pushed my car and me about 10 feet down the road. I came to a stop and realized that i needed to get out of the car in case there was a fire issue. I was toting that the glass shower had not cut me at all and other then my hip, which was informing me how much it sucks to have a minivan hit it, i was okay. I turned the car off and crawled out the passenger door. I got to the edge of the door and decided to lay down with my feet up. I just needed to be free of the car. After that i layed on the cold and wet road and called it a day.

In about 30 seconds there were a swarm of people around me. It took the ambulance and fire rescue people less then a minuet to get to me. Kinda convinient when they were litterally 100 yards away. After that i got my first ride in a ambulance... it was significantly less comfortable then i had hoped.

After getting checked out at the ER, i left the hospital under my own power. My father showed me a picture he took of the accident scene. the minivan's front end was making a desperate attempt to get inside my car. All in all i should have been a lot worse off. But ill chalk this one up to spending all my banked karma on "No this will be a no injury accident for me!" I would like to confirm that, yes in deed, 2 objects can not occupy the same space at once!

Ill get pics up as soon as i have them.

2010-12-22 18:15:17 ET

Fuck dude that sucks. Should have been driving the Porche. I'm glad that you are okay though. I hope you get a nice fat check from this to help you pay for school and finish flight school.

2010-12-22 18:24:26 ET

Glad to hear you are alright and survived. How lucky you were not wearing your seat belt.

2010-12-22 19:18:56 ET

damn man, that blows but you've got the right attitude - any one you walk away from could have been much worse.

glad to know it takes more than a minivan to off you.

2010-12-22 19:26:40 ET

to repeat myself...

this entry was NOT what i had in mind when you said "Ill add more content later."

i think i prefer the boring posts...

stay safe and get better. sue the shit out of em in case you end up with back injuries later.

2010-12-22 19:40:42 ET

at least you didn't get seriously injured. people need to pay more attention to what they are running into..or at the very least take a refresher course and the proper use of a break pedal

2010-12-23 02:56:26 ET

His back probably couldn't get worse before the injury.

2010-12-23 03:38:41 ET

Drake that's MORE motivation to sue XD

wow man, just wow. Like I say about seatbelts, I usually trust my driver or driving skills, I just don't trust anyone else. Lucky break though...

Think your car can be repaired?

2010-12-23 11:25:12 ET

Here is whats left of the car. Had to upload it to Deviant Art. Ill be taking them down soon. Have a look see. Car is totalled.


2010-12-23 14:19:36 ET

Wow you were pretty fucking lucky there. Do you usually wear your belt? Wearing a seat belt actually saved my life when I flipped my car.

You really should look into sueing. She has insurance that covers injuries so it's not like it's really going to cost her anymore already. You may feel fine but that's going to get you sooner or later when the back injuries pile up.

2010-12-23 19:32:14 ET

hooooly shit you are lucky you didn't get hurt

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